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Just imagine our world without pieces of art. Without opera, music, theatre, books, paintings. Without culture… It would be so bland, colorless, and, quite frankly, boring.

I’m thrilled you’re taking the time to visit this corner of the web. I’m Simone Endert. A coffee, cats and esthetics-loving creative living in Amsterdam. In my day-to-day life I’m an e-commerce entrepreneur and freelance sr. project lead (basically nothing this site has anything to do with ;)). And in my spare time, every now and then, I paint.

As long I remember, I’m busy drawing, painting and creating.

The house I grew up in was like a museum, showcasing all the drawings my little sister and I made. Then, as I got older, ‘busy life’ happened. I studied history in Nijmegen, joined a bunch of student boards and thereafter (in 2014) started as a project lead for innovative programs.

Long story short… For quite some years the artful vibes weren’t getting enough space. In 2017 I decided to change this. A decision with a good number of paintings as a result 😊 Because sharing is caring (and I wanted to learn how to make a site…), this website came into existence.

This site is my online, creative outlet. It allows me to share all of the artful good stuff with you!🎉

I believe art makes the world a better place. Art:


  • compels you to think, feel and fall in love with your surroundings
  • brings joy! Making you happy on the spot
  • fires up your imagination
  • sparks meaningful conversations
  • And, is a great companion for you and your home’s bare walls 

I think inspiration can be anywhere. If I look at architecture, interior design, interesting mixes of textures, patterns and colors. If I walk through nature, enjoy a cultural show, drink a relaxing cup of coffee (latte art included ;-)). Or when I simple manage to sit still for a minute and do nothing…

Inspiration really is all around. And, I’m – often subconsciously – taking it all in.

In all of my work aesthetics play an important role. My check is always “would I hang this at my own wall…?” 😉 I love working both figurative and abstract. Constantly experimenting with new techniques and ways to approach a subject. 

Let's talk about you!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my little corner of the web. I consider it a huge privilege to create art and share it with you. And, thanks for reading this far 😉

Lastly: I’m not hyper active on social media – though there is an artful Instagram! Yesss! Are you a cat lover too? Hihi – word’s on the street that the Instagram of my two Ragdolls Mika and Benji is pretty awesome too.

Thanks for visiting. Thrilled we’re connected and excited for the creative journey ahead.