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Hi fantastic you!

I’m sooo thrilled to kick off this month’s blog post with some very exciting news!

‘Cause it’s expo time! 
As off this week my pop-up exposition at MOGEEN (Vijzelgracht 31) has opened. 🎊💃 A good number of my linen canvases and paper works are up for show for the upcoming 1,5 months. Truly a dream come true!

A major big thank you to Hester Wernert-Rijn and her super talented team, for welcoming me and my art in her beautiful space ❤


If not, go there! – a big recommendation on my behalf (even if my art is not up for show anymore ;))!

It’s a true mekka if you love fashion, passion and ambition. And, if you love getting your hair done at a salon with numerous Coiffure Awards. Great people, great space and great hair-experience. 👉 Go there.

Wanna come take a look?

The pop-up expo is open until Mai 2018.

To give you a digital impression, check out the photos in this blog post. Credits to my little sister Jessica for the much appreciated camera skills  💕

Let’s continue bringing those dreams, big and small and little step by step, come to life ❤ 

Lastly: I’m very curious what you think about the expo. Will you let me know in the comments?

XO, Simone

PS. Thinking about snapping up some of the art for your home and accent walls? All pieces, including some new paper works, are added to my portfolio. Interested? Send me an e-mail (simone@simone-endert.com)!

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  1. Arlette

    Love this inspiring dream turning into reality! 😀 Congratulations with your beautiful exposition!

  2. Leonie

    Heel tof Smoon!


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