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Hope you’re doing well! In this blog I wanna share an interesting update with you 😊

At the beginning of every new year, I think of a theme for that specific twelve months. Something I wanna put extra focus on. In January 2018 I decided on the theme ‘inner peace and power’. Why?

‘Cause the concept of true relaxation is (was :)) so alien to me – I’m involved in a deep love affair with productivity and results, this is a wonderful growth area. The goal’s less ratrace and more kind awareness of all that is already there. The good and also the less comfortable things.

It took me a while – probably something with strong automatic patterns and not feeling enough urgency – but in the last months of 2018 my theme definitely took the stage. Yes-yes, this is valuable stuff! 🙌

In the end it’s not just knowing what’s good for you, but taking action 

It all comes down to having the commitment to actually doing things different. Not just knowing what would be a good idea. A.k.a.: hello experiments!

Although a bit skeptic, I signed up for a two month mindfulness course. Also I bought a subscription to a yoga studio nearby and committed to exercising more. To top it off I began incorporating more moments of five star relaxation in my daily routine. 

What five star relaxation is?

Definitely not sitting bored on the sofa doing literally nothing. To me that doesn’t sound relaxing at all.

For me it can be as simple as putting on comfortable shoes and taking a walk down the beautiful Amsterdam canals. Taking the time for a good cup of coffee in a bar, while reading a newspaper. Treating myself to beautiful, big flowers. Chatting with a good friend or cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket, cup of tea and good book. In a way it all has something to do with ‘un-doing’. Just being present.

The kind of stuff below 😉

And, the best thing? 

All of this calm stuff doesn’t have to make you feel any less alive, ambitious or productive. Quite the contrary really. 

It might having taken me thirty years to get here (yes – I reached the big 3-0 one month ago 🎉)… but I am finally learning to not constantly push and strive for more. But to just relax and enjoy the now.

Awesome you’re here, reading this blog. I hope my behavioral experiments have inspired you a bit. And I hope, among all the awesome active stuff that’s going on in your day, you find enough moments for that five star relaxation.




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