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Are you as obsessed with gallery walls as I am? In seriously EVERY house I’ve lived in, I see myself creating one. I find it’s one of those timeless décor statements that works with nearly every aesthetic.

Two weeks ago I thought about how to spice up our hallway… and, you already guessed it, a newly composed gallery wall was born. Here’s how it turned out:

And, here’s also a gallery wall photo from the one we had in the living room until about a month agoo – changed it into a big art piece 😉

Let me give you some pointers on how to compose your own gallery wall in a way that doesn’t suck.

Here’s 4 steps loaded with tips. They always work and make creating a gallery wall super easy.

1. Gather all your images

1.1 Think about size, the art styles and color palet

  • Size: Varying the sizes of the art pieces, in my opinion, gives the best result.
  • Art style: Depending on your personal tastes, and going for more or less coherence, just pick the pieces you love. I personally love mixing it up – using figurative and abstract works, both paintings and photos, and maybe even incorporate a framed written text.
  • Color palette: You can go for anything from very neutral to super bright and colorful, plus everything in between. Just think about this one for a minute and compose accordingly.

1.2 And, think about your frames

Using no more than one or two different frame styles (in term of material and/or color) gives a beautiful and balanced result.

1.3 Consider using a passe-partout

Not with all pieces, but maybe it can give a couple of art pieces (and your gallery wall as a whole) that extra finishing touch.

2. Go for a composition that works

2.1 Check out some good reference images

‘Cause I love pretty images and they perfectly illustrate my composition tips, swipe through these places that nailed it:

Image credits: Architectural digest, architecture-board.com, bricobistro.com, interior for life, woontrendz.nl, desire to inspire, appartment 34, man-man.nl.

2.2 Layer out all of your framed pieces on the floor

Layering out the pieces at the bottom on an even flat line, will give your gallery wall the most pretty look.

2.3 Change up your floor composition a couple of times

Each time you like a composition, taking a picture on your phone.

2.4 Flip through your snapshots

Use your designer, editorial eye, and pick the composition you like best.

3. Put it all on your wall

3.1 Always measure twice and hammer once 😉

Jep – learned this one the hard way myself.

3.2 The possible extra paper check

If it makes you feel more comfortable, add the extra step of first taping a paper version of your gallery wall composition to your wall. If you like the look, get your hammer out.

3.3. Consider the height of your art

Check out this blog where I tell more about the proper height of hanging your art. Too high or too low does your composition no good, right?

4. Last important step!

4.1 Take a step back and enjoy your glorious end result

Give yourself a good pat on the back. You did it!

Hope these tips and images have inspired you. Ready to create your own gallery wall masterpiece at home?

With lots of love,


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