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Holy Guacamoly.

This site and the brand-new Instagram are both live as of today, which means Artful Perspective is now totally out in the open! No longer my own cherished, ‘secret’ project. Thanks for visiting ánd for reading this shiny, first blog.

As we speak I’m working hard and finishing my first art serie: ‘Faces‘. It’ll be up for sale on Thursday the 8th of December 2017. And, you can already get a sneak-peak of some of the paintings.

Real progress in life comes from taking risks.

People who know me, know I’ve got a deep love of learning. Of trying out new things – especially if they feel exciting and/or terrifying and/or interesting and/or fun. And of creating big pieces of art. Artful Perspective is my creative outlet that combines it all.

I believe success on any level will only be there, when you fully trust your intuitive hunches, continuously challenge yourself to keep growing and, yes, take risks. It’s about feeling the freedom to play, learn and grow. About saying a whole lot of ‘progress not perfection’ to yourself (thank you Marie Forleo ;)).

On a deeper level, that’s what Artful Perspective for me is about. That, plus being able to share my Artful Perspective an art with you.

Your good vibes and support are appreciated more than you know.

If you love to be part of the journey I’m on, you are more than welcome to join! Join the mailing list and I will keep you in the loop. This means that once a month I’ll send you a small and inspiring e-mail. Filled with artful perspectives, little personal stories and updates on new art I’m making.

Last but not least: in this first blog I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the wonderfull people – and my boyfriend Patrick and little sister Jessica in particular – who told me to push forward and create Artful Perspective.

And, thank YOU for being here and reading this first post.

If you love it, I hope you’ll join the list

With great gratitude,

XO – Simone

PS. If you have friends who you think will love Artful Perspective, please share this post with them. Many thanks!

PPS. You see the picture-perfect cakes in the header of this post? They are from one of my favorite cake shops in Amsterdam: Petit Gateau (Haarlemmerstraat 80). Highly recommended and perfect for celebratory moments like this 😉


  1. Hong

    Wowie… This website looks amazing already, keep up the good work :-). Cannot wait to visit it once it’s fully up and running!

    Signed up for the email newsletter, love to follow and explore the journey with you.

    Lots of love from Australia,

    • simone

      Thanks Hong! Good vibes all around and will keep you posted ^^ Hug!


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