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Hello there!

Hope you are doing very well! Time for a blog about little, inner voices. No, not schizophrenic ones.

I mean this pretty cool body built-in GPS-system that tells you which route to take. In this blog I want to share about one of my inner voices. And, how finally listening to it brought me to building Artful Perspective.

Everyone is born a creative

I believe everyone is born with innate creativity. And, as long as I can remember, I loved accessing mine. The creative vibes came out in many ways. As a child I was continuously busy practising fiddly embroidery, making my own jewellery and clay modelling tiny figures. And, off course, spending many hours drawing and painting.

I wasn’t the only one. My mom, dad and sister are all born creatives. Though I never received any formal arts training, in this environment I experienced big time practice. My eyes and hands soaking it all in.

A little off-track on the creative side…

Then, as I grew older, painting and creating started taking a back seat. Even more so when living a vibrant student life and thereafter a no-less-busy professional life became very real. In my heart I started feeling something was missing.

Looking at artists exposing their art in galleries and museums, I started thinking: “I can do that… I want to do that…” Creating work that’s both beautiful and meaningful. Colorful, expressive works.

…and then: destination Artful Perspective

Not to decorate my own walls (those were/are already quite filled ;)), but to share with the world around me. To express my inner inspiration and to contribute to making the world a better place (‘caus that’s what I believe art and culture do :)).

It took some time and hesitation, but this inner voice demanding more space for creativity finally got heard. In 2017 I bought a whole bunch of big canvases and rented an atelier in Amsterdam. And, from there, Artful Perspective started to grow.

What does your GPS say?

It demandedsome serious time management and triggered feelings of self criticism and doubt. But, bottom line, listening to this small inner voice felt absolutely liberating and fulfilling.

I believe we all have these inner GPS-systems. Systems that break right through self images and push through to your real self.

What track would you take if you’d listen to your GPS? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading & being here.

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