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First of all: super happy that you’re here. I hope you’re a very good place and are enjoying a lovely day so far!

 After a three week holiday to Thailand with my love Patrick, something from which I’ve returned yesterday, I’m a 100% relaxed and inspired. Also it’s good to be back in Amsterdam!

 Some people have been asking my advice on how to find the best place on their wall for their art. The perfect topic for this brand-new blog. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful piece of art hung too low or too high.

Here’s two pictures where you see two (btw véry beautiful) interiors where hanging the art went wrong… Not what you want 😉

In this blog I’ll give you three essential must-knows for finding the best spot on your wall. And, you’ll also get three pieces of hammer-advice I use all the time. Measure once, hammer twice.

Follow these 3 guidelines

1.  Make sure your art, give or take, is hung around 8″/20 cm above a piece of furniture.
No rarely people create a huge gap between the two, and it will look disjoined. Let your artwork and furniture exist near enough so they can create a pretty visual unit.

2.  Always remember that the center of your art is at eye level, about 57″/145 cm from the ground up.
Many people might think this is too low. But trust me, it isn’t. The eye-level rule, is also the standard used by most galleries and museums. If your walls are really tall, then you can go a bit higher, considering that there’s harmony with your furniture (see must-know above ;)).

3.  Art should be half or two-third the width of your sofa/dinner table etc.
Too big art is always better than too small. So, if you have to choose, go bigger. Go big or go home, right?;-)

And, 3 pieces of hammer advice

1.  With the 3 general guidelines above, mark the spot where to hammer with a pencil-dot.
Don’t forget to check the backside of your piece of art to figure out where the tightened wire (or wherever you’ll be hanging it from) is placed.

2.  Check your materials & do get an extra pair of hands!
The actual hanging is key. Know what kind of wall you’re hammering/drilling in and use the right screws. You don’t want to screw (ha-ha) it up and have the whole prettiness falling down.

3.  Do the picture-test.
Once hung: stand back and take a photo of the piece against the wall. Check if, were you would find this photo in a fancy interior magazine, you’d feel the piece is a proper height and in unity with the furniture. If not, adjust.

You can also first tape a piece of paper the size of your art to the wall and then take the picture (would save you a possible mistake-hole in the wall, if you’d decide that the placing has to be adjusted ;-)).

And, that’s it!

Don’t worry about the hanging and always buy a piece of art you immediately love. No matter if you have the perfect place or not. You’ll find a good spot, trust me.

Hope this blog has given you some useful tips! Are you artworks hang in the best spot or are you gonna adjust?;-)

Any questions? Shoot!

Big love,


Image credits: HomeDeco / Paper & Stich / Roomed / Sfgirlbybay / Thepinkpagodus / domainehome


  1. Arlette van Lint

    Love the way you write Simone. You bring content, easy reading and inspiration together! Looking forward to your next blog next month! Sunny greetings Arlette

    • simone

      Thanks Ar!😊😚 Fijne, nieuwe week!


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