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Music on a techno party, water for blooming flowers, and sugar in a cake. You kinda really need the first for the latter to work. It’s the same with inspiration and artworks.

Powerful women

The serie ‘Faces’ consists of big, statement pieces. Powerful women feature each piece of art. Each evoking different ideas and emotions. And, each containing contrasting approaches: figurative and non-objective – polished and raw. It reflects that I’m constantly learning and experimenting with new techniques and materials.

‘Faces’ consists of paintings that make a connection with you. And, that invite you to do the same with them.

On a deeper level the serie ‘Faces’ relates to the current individual and hyper digital state of our society.

In my opinion, in the end it’s not the screen of your phone or laptop what counts. It’s the world and people around you. To truely see, hear and experience. To make real connections.

Lastly, putting the society statements aside ;), each painting is meant to inspire and make a beautiful statement in your home. #eyeforesthetics 😉


Deciding on a theme for my first art serie was both hard and simple:

Hard ‘cause I’ve got a very ‘open’ mind. Meaning – I find a whole range of topics, techniques and colors inspiring. And, quite impatient as I am, I’d love to work on everything. Everything all at once.

And, simple because… well, you can’t really go wrong with making heartfelt decisions. Everything’s better than not making a decision at all.

Faces that make a connection

Something that’s always inspired me, is faces. Faces expressing ideas, character and emotion. Faces you can (or have to) make a connection with. That are expressive and powerful. And, faces that are just beautiful to look at.

As we speak I’m working hard on finishing the serie ‘Faces’.

If you want a sneak-peak of some of the pieces, check-out the shop. Also, I regularly post previews on my Instagram. C’mon over and hit follow.

Become an insider

Yes, you!^^ The best way to stay in the loop on the really good stuff, is to Join the super awesome mailing list. Once a month you’ll receive a small, inspiring e-mail. Filled with artful perspectives and updates on art I’m making.

Just as much as I’m connected with all of the paintings, I hope – in whatever way – you’ll let them become part of your world as well.

Thanks a million for reading and joining me on this journey!

Now, I’m curious: what do you think of the art and chosen styles? Let’s hear it in the comments below!

XO – Simone


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